Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weeknight Meals with Ina!

Ina has a new cookbook coming out in October! Most of you know the love I have for Barefoot Contessa, but for those of you who don't, let's just say she is my modern day Julia Childs. I love her clean simple approach to food. It's nothing over the top but is always flavorful, in season, and beautifully displayed. Yes, Ina I am a fan! 

My love for cooking started at a young age, in fact one of my favorite memories of my now past Grandmother Nona is making potato salad for a big family get together. She had made it a thousand times before, but this time we changed the type of potatoes we used and we could not stop "taste testing" it!  It was SO good! Just a small little change, and of course a lot of love made it the best potato salad we'd ever had. We giggled for hours as she instructed me to go and grab the bowl out of the fridge for just "one more bite". 

Now an adult with my own home, I love to invite as many friends and family members to share in similar experiences around the table with good food and drink. But it goes without saying that at least one of the dishes I end up making is inspired by one of Ina's recipe. 

Therefore, "Weeknight Meals with Ina" is born! I have all of Ina's cookbooks and can never decided which is my favorite, so inspired by the novel and movie,  Julie and Julia, I am going to be sharing one recipe a week from my collection of cookbooks. I was going to try and pick one to do in its entirety, however I couldn't decide which one! Instead, I'll be sharing my favorites along with a few that I've never tried to try and push my comfort zone--- yes, that means baking. I love to cook, but have yet to fall in love with baking. Wish me luck. 

If any of you have any requests I'd love to hear them. Until than- here are a few images from around the house lately while you wait in anticipation for my first recipe share. 

Morning walks with Billie in the field are the best! I'm pretty sure this is what dog heaven looks like

Especially when her morning goes from this face...

To this face. 

Miss you mom! Come see me soon! xoxox

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

On July 4, 1776 our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence thus giving us the foundation of all the freedoms and civil liberties we still fight for today. Flash forward a couple of centuries and you'll see that every July 4th we roll out the bar-b-que, break out the sun screen, and gather our family and friends together to celebrate our Independence. I'd say that the 4th of July is a pretty awesome holiday!

So... how did I spend it. Well... I can tell you that instead of my normal lounging out by my parents pool, which sounds perfectly amazing, I was happily enjoying yet another non-humid low 80 degree weather in Fernvale, TN! Lets talk about this non-humid day... it was magical! The perfect day to spend in the yard working on the never ending weed pulling and maintenance that comes along with 7 acres of land. But what can I say- I LOVE it! I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday as much as Billie and I did!

Look how great the urns look mom! Thanks again- such a great gift!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer time in Fernvale, TN

Just a few photo updates from around the house. It's currently 73 degrees with a breeze, this California girl is loving it!

The Hostas are in bloom!

Something old into something new! I can't decide if I should leave it rusted or paint it... what do you think?

I love barrels! This one came all the way from San Diego to Nashville! I think it feels at home here.

The garden is coming along

Everyone, meet Billie! I swear she grows while I'm at work. We named her after my favorite singer Billie Holiday